Stumbleupon - ABC

STUMBLEUPON.  Our Friend. Our Enemy.
I hope this will help to make life easier for those that want to use stumble for some of their favourite sites!

In General - the Steps/terminology involved in Stumbling (A, B, C)
A.  Discover (webpage that has never been stumbled before)
B.  Review (write comments and use tags to describe a page that has already been discovered)
C.  Like (an item that has already been discovered)

***Note - the new toolbar should be used by everyone know.  If you haven't upgraded yet, do that first!  Go to there should be a link there to get it.

This is the new tool bar:

Sometimes you need to add icons to this toolbar (ie the "price tag" if you want to add tags in this way.  (this method is not described here, but it can be used as an alternative)
 To add items go to tools at the far right, a drop down menu will appear when you click.  Go to tool bar options.  This menu will appear.

Under controls you can add or remove whatever you would like (ie the TAG).  You can also go to the search and tagging tab to add an explore bar to use for tagging.  Play around with it, until you get it how you want!
So you come to a site you like, but hasn't been stumbled yet.  This is what you do.  Simple as ABC

A.    Discover NEW page
1. Click Thumbs up on tool bar
2. Choose YES - safe for work
3. Pick topic (from drop down list - ***DO NOT pick from the topics provided in the list in blue it will not categorize the page properly!****
You could put in tags and comments at this time, but in order to make sure it "sticks" we won't do this yet.  See Part B
4. Click "Add Review"

B.  Review item – ( item that has already been discovered)
1. Click "Info" on tool bar (*note if it hasn’t been discovered yet this will got to page not available screen – so start with A above)
2. Write in comment
3. Add 4 tags under “your tags” (the first tag will be the topic/category you previously can add four more)
4. Save

Double check that you did things correctly***This is important to ensure you are doing things correctly***
1. go to webpage
2. Click Info on tool bar
3. You should be able to read your comment under the name of the page...see below

C. Like item - Item has already been discovered, and you don't want to make a comment.
1. Click Info on tool bar
2. Click "Stumble this button (Blcak button at top left)
3. Click "Thumbs up" icon

I hope this helps!  Try it out before List day, on a random item and see if this way works for you!

One more tip...its important not to just do one site all the time.  That is considered SPAMMY.  So do different sites occassionaly, or you will get this page :(  And you will have to come back later to finish.


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