Store Supplies

One direction I'd like to expand on in my store is supplies for other etsy and other online stores.

As of right now I have just a few listings, but if I get some positive feedback I will continue on this track.

I can add logos or your own pictures to various items.  Just send me a message if your interested.

Here are some custom listings.... they can be found here 

This is currently listed for a 2x2 sticker, but the size can easily be changed for your needs

This is currently listed for a 2x2 sticker but the size can easily be changed for your needs

This is a sample of a gift certificate, but I can work with you to do something custom for your store


  1. great,clean design! I appreciate it.

  2. gorgeous prints!!!! always lovely designs from Lexiekinprints!!!

  3. The pink flowers are gorgeous. Love them all though!

  4. Gorgeous!!! I like the cleanliness also!

  5. Great ideas for shop image!!! I may need to order these!!!

  6. Yes very nice prints fingers crossed for them working for you.

  7. Love them all!! I use stickers with some of my packaging so will definitely be shopping with you :-)

    1. Very lovely! Hope they work out well for you!

  8. Making products and things for stores to buy is always helpful, they don't always want to have to do everything themselves. I know that is a smart way to go, for sure! Cute and I'm sure you'll have some buyers!

    Krystal -
    Following from promotional frenzy

  9. Great idea. I really like the gift certificates and can imagine using them at the holidays!