Social Networking - Twitter

There are  several social networking sites out there that are recommended to help promote online (and offline) businesses such as Etsy.  Aside from facebook, Twitter is probably the most common.

Leave comments below, about how you use Twitter.  Leave your Twitter address too if you want more followers.  Thanks!

Do you tweet? 
Lexiekin Prints: Yes  My address is!/LexiekinPrints

How often do you tweet?
Lexiekin Prints: sporadically. Sometimes a couple times a day, or maybe only once a week.

Do you have schedule for when you tweet?
Lexiekin Prints: No, but I think I should to help with time management. Share your schedules if you would like.

Where do you tweet from? 
Lexiekin Prints: computer only, I haven't ventured into the world of smartphones yet.

Do you use Twitter for personal or business use?
Lexiekin Prints: Both. At first I thought of just using it for promotions, but I've learned that I really don't enjoy the twits twitterers who are constantly spamming their products all day long.  I just ignore those ones.  So I started just to tweet what I felt like.  Sometimes linking to my shop, or just random things.  I've particularly enjoyed following and occasionally commenting on some "celebrity" tweets. But now I wonder...should keep personal and "business"separate?  

Overall do you find Twitter to be a good promotional tool, or just a waste of time?
Lexiekin Prints:  I'm not sure yet.  I need to find out how to utilize it better, before I give up on it totally.  I think the problem is like other social networking, that most of the views I get are from other business owners and not the "target"market for my products

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  1. Great blog! I don't have a lot of insights on Twitter, but I do tweet a lot!
    My twitter address is!/BlackMagicJewel

  2. Thank for the follow Jenny. I've followed you on Twitter!

  3. Blargh! I`m new to twitter too! I guess I just not a twitterrer :P