Buy aNd Replace - Baby Bash!


I've been hanging out on Etsy more and have seen these three letters more and more.  For the longest time I had no idea what they meant.  But finally I figured it out! yeah me...haha
Buy aNd Replace
Basically what happens is this: Someone posts a treasury (a grouping of etsy items, normally with a similar theme). Others can purchase these items and then replace that listing with one from their own shop, and so on. They may have slightly different rules, but overall the premise is the same for them all.

Whats the point of this, you might ask? Well besides being a great way to find some cute new things on etsy for yourself, its also a good way to promote your store, and hopefully get a sale.  I might try this someday...maybe even this Tuesday.

Thats because I found out about an exciting one, taking place on Tuesday Oct 18th from 10am - 10pm.  Its going to be called a Baby BNR Bash.

You can find out the latest information at Crystals blog.  She also happens to be the one who is having the baby, so watch out for any clues she might provide when you are ready to make your guesses.
So for this one, your purchase gives you the opportunity to guess information about some unborn twins. ( i.e. their weight, gender, and birthdate)  I'm not sure of the exact rules, but whomever is closest will win a prize that have been donated by some very generous shop owners.  (last I heard the prizes are valued at almost $400.00!!!)

Here are just a couple of the BNR sponsors....