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I've made a few new items for my shop..with more to come in the next while.

These could be used as gift tags for christmas presents, or maybe as a thank you note from other Etsy stores to their customers when the send out their Christmas orders this season.

The size is 3x2", but to other sizes can be made if you are looking for something different.

Click here for Etsy shop

Etsy shop here

And here is a letter to Santa for the little ones!

Click here to see it in my Etsy shop!

Gift for me!

I participated in the Baby BNR bash the other night (Blog about it is here). And in order to "buy" in I purchased a small portrait to be done. I sent in a picture of my daughter, and will be getting the image in the mail in the next little while. So I was also nicely surprised when I also got a digital image ahead of time.  So I of course had to show it off!
Check out her etsy store!  xHeather

The first is the picture the portrait, and the other the one I gave her. Nice eh?

Check out

Treasury #2 - Pumpkin Spice

Look one of my items got picked for another treasury on Etsy!  I feel kinda embarassed with my little pumpkin tag amongst all of these other beautiful items, but I sure am appreciative to Galla for putting it together!

Here are some items from Galla's shop...check it out!!


Last night I took my daughter to her first "live" show.  The Backyardigans (a very cute show on Treehouse if you've never seen it).  It was lots of fun and we had great seats.  It was a nice mommy daughter night.

Next time though, I need to bring something to weigh down her legs, she's so little she couldn't hold down the flip up chair :)

Here are some pictures...A. and her "smile" for the camera face :)

Thanks for visiting!
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Buy aNd Replace - Baby Bash!


I've been hanging out on Etsy more and have seen these three letters more and more.  For the longest time I had no idea what they meant.  But finally I figured it out! yeah me...haha
Buy aNd Replace
Basically what happens is this: Someone posts a treasury (a grouping of etsy items, normally with a similar theme). Others can purchase these items and then replace that listing with one from their own shop, and so on. They may have slightly different rules, but overall the premise is the same for them all.

Whats the point of this, you might ask? Well besides being a great way to find some cute new things on etsy for yourself, its also a good way to promote your store, and hopefully get a sale.  I might try this someday...maybe even this Tuesday.

Thats because I found out about an exciting one, taking place on Tuesday Oct 18th from 10am - 10pm.  Its going to be called a Baby BNR Bash.

You can find out the latest information at Crystals blog.  She also happens to be the one who is having the baby, so watch out for any clues she might provide when you are ready to make your guesses.
So for this one, your purchase gives you the opportunity to guess information about some unborn twins. ( i.e. their weight, gender, and birthdate)  I'm not sure of the exact rules, but whomever is closest will win a prize that have been donated by some very generous shop owners.  (last I heard the prizes are valued at almost $400.00!!!)

Here are just a couple of the BNR sponsors....

Treasury Fun - My first one!

I was so excited yesterday to find out that one of my Cherry blossom stationary items  were picked for a treasury on Etsy.

Thanks to magdamagda  for picking me.  Isn't it such a lovely collection.   Click on it and have a look around!

Social Networking - Twitter

There are  several social networking sites out there that are recommended to help promote online (and offline) businesses such as Etsy.  Aside from facebook, Twitter is probably the most common.

Leave comments below, about how you use Twitter.  Leave your Twitter address too if you want more followers.  Thanks!

Do you tweet? 
Lexiekin Prints: Yes  My address is!/LexiekinPrints

How often do you tweet?
Lexiekin Prints: sporadically. Sometimes a couple times a day, or maybe only once a week.

Do you have schedule for when you tweet?
Lexiekin Prints: No, but I think I should to help with time management. Share your schedules if you would like.

Where do you tweet from? 
Lexiekin Prints: computer only, I haven't ventured into the world of smartphones yet.

Do you use Twitter for personal or business use?
Lexiekin Prints: Both. At first I thought of just using it for promotions, but I've learned that I really don't enjoy the twits twitterers who are constantly spamming their products all day long.  I just ignore those ones.  So I started just to tweet what I felt like.  Sometimes linking to my shop, or just random things.  I've particularly enjoyed following and occasionally commenting on some "celebrity" tweets. But now I wonder...should keep personal and "business"separate?  

Overall do you find Twitter to be a good promotional tool, or just a waste of time?
Lexiekin Prints:  I'm not sure yet.  I need to find out how to utilize it better, before I give up on it totally.  I think the problem is like other social networking, that most of the views I get are from other business owners and not the "target"market for my products

Share your thoughts below!

Start your engine

Start your engine by
Start your engine, a photo by on Flickr.

Kick in the butt.

Whatever you want to call it, I need it for my Etsy Store. And I think I have just found it!

I have applied to the ``Promotional Frenzy Team``. I haven`t even been accepted yet, but already it seems to be helping me. Geez, I`m even writing this first post for my blog.

What direction will this blog will take.

Will it just be promoting my own items? Or maybe it would be better to feature other Etsy people and stores? Or maybe it will be a mix mash of my life as a working mom.

I'm not sure yet. But in the meantime if you have to stumble across this, follow me, and see where it leads!

And with that, the sleeping toddler is stirring, time to go!